The Park Family Genealogies

A genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park (1839-1905) and Isabella Ann Eliza Barron Park (1845-1907)

The following outline has been assembled from information provided by various Park cousins and from genealogies compiled by Rollie Taylor, a descendant of Thomas Park, oldest brother of Lunsford's grandfather James. Some lineages have become so well developed that it has become necessary to provide separate pages for them. Click on the blue underlined names to link to those pages.

The numbers in uppercase roman numerals are those of Lunsford and Isabella's children. Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear.

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Lunsford Yandell Park (1839-1905) and Isabella Ann Eliza ("Cricket") Barron (1845-1907

  1. Lena Yandell Park (1862-1897) m. 1881 Edward Holmes Martin (1860-1932)
    1. Edward Park Martin (1882–?)
    2. William A. Martin (1885–?)
    3. [Robert] Malcolm Martin (1887–?)
    4. Nellie Martin (1889–?)
    5. [Lena] Evelyn Martin (1893–?)
    6. Ewell Martin (1895–?)
  2. Annie Laura Park (1865-after 1920) m. 1898 Edward Holmes Martin (1860-1932) [no surviving issue]
  3. Eva Beatrice Park (1867-1867)
  4. Robert Willie Park (1870-1945) m. (1) 1892 Austine M. Appling (1870-1923)
  5. Claude Adair Park (1873-1944) m. 1907 Ellen Hill Payne (1877-1970)
  6. Eula Mae Park (1875-1902) m. William Henry Wiggs (1868-1948)
    1. infant Wiggs (1902-1902)
  7. Lillian Isabella Park (1878-1954) m. 1903 [Jonce] Hunt Clement (1878-1949)
  8. Catherine Wilbur ("Kate") Park (1880-1929) m. 1903 Wilbur B. Powell (18??-19??)
    1. Wilbur Byrd Powell m. Johnnie Payne
  9. Ethel Sloan Park (1883-1968) m. (1) 1904 Paul Jordan Smith a.k.a. Jordan-Smith (1885-1971)
  10. Richard Lunsford Park (1886-1968) m. Bernice Amelia Ellis (1887-1948)
  11. Alma Louise Park (1890-1967) m. William Edwin ("Willie") Allen (1885-1961)

Disclaimer: Not all Web-based source of information are consistent or reliable, and we urge Park relatives to provide corrections wherever they find a discrepancy. For example, many death dates come from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), while other dates come from various records, including newspaper obituaries. Some dates may be in error, and there are doubtless some gaps. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list. To thwart the misuse of these names by non-family members, the birth years of living people have been replaced by the word "living." Should any of these be inaccurate, please let the webmaster know the year of demise.