The Park Family Genealogies

The descendants of Ethel Sloan Park (1883-1968)

The following outline shows the genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park and Isabella Barron Park's ninth child, Ethel. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Names in blue are linked to pages with further genealogy.

  1. Ethel Sloan Park (1883-1968) m. (1) 1904 Paul Jordan Smith (Jordan-Smith (1885-1971)

    1. Lucille Isabella (Isabel Jordan) Smith (1905-1995) m. (1) 1937 Kirby Walter Hansen (1899-1985)
      1. Karen Dorthea Hansen (living) m. 1961 William Shannon Christian
        1. Sarah Ann Christian (living) m. 1993 Tadashi Okuno
          1. Michael Fujio Okuno (living)
          2. Caroline Jordan Okuno (living)
          3. Christopher Sadao Okuno (living)
          4. Alison Awaya Okuno (living)
        2. Janet Jordan Christian (living) m. Angus Powelson (living)
      2. Kirby Walter Hansen, Jr. (living) m. (1) Mary Elizabeth Ray (living)
        1. Elizabeth Karen Hansen (living) m. (1) Steven Hanselman (living)
          1. Hilary Elizabeth Hanselman (living)
          2. Kurt Dietrich Hanselman (living)
          3. Hope Lauren Hanselman (living)

          Elizabeth m. (2) Ron Salisbury (living)

        2. Kathryn Juliet Hansen (living) m. William P. Risk (living)
          1. Rachel Arissa Risk (living)
          2. Rebekah Elizabeth Risk (living)
        3. William Kirby Hansen (living) m. Margaret Jeffrey (living)
          1. Evan James Hansen (living)
          2. William Jordan Hansen (living)
          3. Julia Elizabeth Hansen (living)

        Kirby Walter Hansen, Jr. M. (2) Karen Laraine Beswick (living)

      Isabel Jordan Smith m. (2) 1986 Russell Kent Lambeau (1904-1993)

    2. Wilbur Jordan Smith (1906-1992) m. 1939 Ninon Galloway MacKnight (1908-2000)
      1. Paul Jordan-Smith, II (living) m. Helen Ann Clifton (living)
        1. Christopher Jordan-Smith (living) m. Christina Russo (living)
          1. Zachary Charles Jordan-Smith (living)
          2. Isabella Marie Jordan-Smith (living)
          3. Alexander Joseph Jordan-Smith (living)
          4. Maximilian Jordan-Smith (living)
      2. Ralph MacKnight Smith (1943-1965) [no children]

    3. Ralph Wendell Smith (1908-1999) m. (1) c.1930 Emily Myers (????-????)
      1. Robin Adair Smith (1931-2000) m. Patricia Mitchell (living)
        1. Robyn Elaine Smith (living) m. Sterling Smith
          1. Eric Smith (living)
          2. Amy Smith living) m. Trummie Lee Patrick III (living)
            1. Trummie Lee Patrick IV (living)
            2. Taylor Jones Patrick (living)
        2. Paul Jordan Smith, III (living) m. Terri Jane Adams (living)
          1. Paul Jordan Smith, IV (living) m. Lindsay Gilliam (living)
            1. Tristan Jordan Smith (living)
        3. Jennifer Smith (1959-2001) m. David Farrier
          1. Michael Farrier (living)

      Ralph Wendell Smith m. (2) 1943 Lucille Freddie Guyot [Wintz] (1907-1999)
      1. Jonathan Guyot Smith (living)

    Ethel Sloan Park m. (2) James Perkins Richardson (1868-1922) [no children]