The Park Family Genealogies

The descendants of Robert Willie Park (1870-1945)

The following outline shows the genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park and Isabella Barron Park's fourth child, Robert Willie. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Clicking on the top level will return you to the outline genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park and Isabella Barron Park.

  1. Robert Willie Park (1870-1945) m. (1) 1892 Austine M. Appling (1870-1923)

    1. Wert Yandell St. John Park (1894-1967) m. 1912 Mary Strong McGlohon (1893-1972)
      1. Robert Terry Gentry Park (1913-1972) m. 1949 Louise Kiisel (living)
        1. Robert Vincent Park (living) m. 1994 Ilene Semiatin
          1. Julian Semiatin Park
          2. Ethan Semiatin Park
        2. Frederick Austin Park m. Jennifer Armstrong (living)
          1. Georgia Rose Park
          2. Suzannah Elizabeth Park m. Nathan Morrison
        3. Anna Marie Louise Park (living) m. Rickey Cotton
          1. Catherine Cotton
          2. Caren Cotton
          3. Cristin Louise Cotton
        4. Francis Xavier Andrew Park (living) m. Leona _______ (living)
          1. Robert Millard Park
        5. Living child
      2. Wert St. John Park, Jr. (1915-1991) m. Virginia Cobb Haymore (living)
        1. Mary Agnes Park (living) m. (1) Lawrence ("Larry") Rubin)
          1. Ellen Rubin (living) m. Dan Scanlan (living)
            1. Sophie Scanlan (living)
            2. Charlotte Scanlan (living)
          Mary m. (2) Gerry Hausman (living)
          1. Steven Hausman (living)
        2. Patrick Nicholas ("Pat") Park (living) m. Marjorie Hathaway (living)
          1. Diana Park (living) m. Kaj Jewell (living)
            1. Christian Jewell (living)
          2. Patrick Nicholas ("Nick") Park, Jr. (living) m. Patti Kelly (living)
            1. Nicholas Park (living)
          3. Kari Park (living) m. Todd Tillotson (living)
            1. Parker Ledford (living)
            2. Sarah Tillotson (living)
            3. Julian Tillotson (living)
            4. Rachel Tillotson (living)
          4. Jon Park (living) m. Rochelle Lauver (living)
            1. Stefan Park (living)
            2. Taylor Park (living)
            3. Lauren Park (living)
            4. Aaron Park (living)
        3. Virginia Kathleen ("Kathy") Park (living) m. Eugene Edward ("Gene") Childs (living)
          1. Edward Childs (living)
          2. Cody Childs (living)
          3. Susan Childs (living) m. Don Johns
            1. Joshua Johns (living)
        4. Rose Marie Park (living) m. Ben Cantrell (living)
          1. Laura Cantrell (living) m. Jeremy ("Jer") Tepper
            1. Isabella Tepper (living)
          2. Julie Cantrell (living)
        5. Michael Francis ("Mike") Park (living) m. Patricia Ann Crabtree (living)
          1. Anna Maria Garcia (living) m. _______ (living)
            1. Daniel Garcia (living)
            2. Caroline Peterson (living)
          2. Elizabeth Rose Park (living) m. Roy Preston Elder III
        6. Christopher Kevin Park (living)
        7. Edward Joseph ("Ed") Park (living) m. (1) 1972 Linda Lee Owens (living)
          1. Jennifer Park (living)
          2. Edward Joseph Park, Jr. (living)
          Ed m. (2) Marilyn Joy Jonakin (living)
          1. Andrew M. Park (living)
        8. Paul Gerard Park (living) m. Carolyn Beth Whitehead (living)
          1. Paul Gerard Park, Jr. (living)
          2. Patrick Preston Park (living)
          3. Margaret Kathryn Rose ("Katie") Park (living)
        9. Thomas Anthony Park (1951-1993)
        10. Margaret Elizabeth ("Mogs") Park (living) m. David Moss (living)
          1. Amy Moss (living)
          2. Benjamin Moss (living)
        11. Andrew Philip ("Andy") Park (living) m. (1) Sherry Lynn Ware
          1. Eric Harlan Park (living)
          Andrew m. (2) Sandra Denise Nuckolls (living)
        12. Theresa Park (living)
      3. Austin Nelson Park (living)
      4. Mary Isabelle Park (1920-1998) m. George Arnold Mayo (1914-1989)
        1. George Arnold Mayo, Jr. m. Irene Saucedo
          1. Eduardo Mayo
          2. Veronica Mayo
          3. Francisco Mayo
        2. Patrick Park Mayo (living) m. 1963 Sarah Francis McNair (living)
          1. George Raymond Patrick Mayo (living)
          2. Wendy King Mayo (living) m. _______
            1. Zackery Patrick Mayo (living)
          3. Kimberly Dawn Mayo (living) m. Dean Edward Tobler (living)
            1. Amber Danielle Tobler (living)
            2. Jacob Edward Tobler (living)
        3. Robert Timothy Mayo m. Mary Ann _______
        4. John David Mayo
        5. Melanie Mayo m. Tad Autry
        6. Michael Mayo
      5. Patrick Woodville Lee Park (1921-1992)
        1. Patrick Anthony Park
        2. Kathy Park
        3. Child Park
      6. Carrington Strong Park (n.d.; died at birth)
    2. Austin Appling Park (1896-1964)

    Robert Willie Park m. (2) Marietta Appling (1873-1946)