The Park Family Genealogies

The genealogy of Moses Park (1738-1828) and Mary Hill (1749-1829)

The following outline shows the genealogy of Moses Park and Mary Hill, the parents of James Park, grandparents of John Esten Park and great-grandparents of Lunsford Yandell Park. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Please note that there are no less than three different Park ancestors named Moses. The present one is the eldest. His fourth child is also named Moses, and is designated Jr. because he was named after his father. The table below provides a link to his chart. James Park, the present Moses's sixth child, had a son named Moses, referred to in these pages as "Moses Park the younger," as he was named after his grandfather; he is therefore the nephew of Moses Park, Jr. You can click on Moses Park the younger to go to the chart for him.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Names with links to other genealogies are blue and are in small capitals. Click on any such name to view that person's genealogy.

Moses Park (1738-1828) m. c.1770 Mary Wilson Hill (1749-1829)

  1. Thomas Park (1773-1823) m. 1798 Elizabeth Phelps (1778-1860)
  2. Olivia ("Ollivy") Park (1773-1857) m. c. 1794 John Moore (1773-1833)
  3. John Park (1774-1862) m. (1) 1797 Jennett Crockett (d. bef. 1830); m. (2) 1830 Patty Parham
  4. Moses Park, Jr. (1780-1864) m. 1802 Mary ("Polly") Wier (1779-1859)
  5. George Park (Parks) (1783-1827) m. c.1810 Elizabeth Sharp (1789-1844)
  6. James Park (1785-1866) m. 1804 Martha Yandell (1785-1851)
  7. Nancy Park (1788-1808)
  8. Mary Park (1791-1875) m. James S. Miller