The Park Family Genealogies

The descendants of Martha E. (“Mattie”) Park and John West Powell

The following outline shows the genealogy of Martha E. (“Mattie”) Park (1852-1939), the 3rd child of Thomas Yandell Park and Caroline Virginia McCulloh, and Mattie's husband, John West Powell (1825-1900). Further information is not available at this time. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Clicking on the top level will return you to the outline genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park and Isabella Barron Park.

Martha E. (“Mattie”) Park (1852-1939) m. 1882 John West Powell (1825-1900)

  1. Earnest Park Powell (1883-1943) m. Mary Louise Kelly (1888-1974)
    1. Richard Edward Powell (1917-1979)m. Mary Ellen Lapp (living?)
      1. Karen Louise Powell (living) m. UNKNOWN
        1. Johanna
        2. Maria
        3. Martha
      2. Kenneth Richard Powell (living)
      3. Pamela Jean Powell (living)
    2. John Kelly Powell (1920-1985) m. Hazel Irene Mitchell (living?)
      1. John Lawrence Powell (living) m. Clarette UNKNOWN
        1. Ilea Powell (living)
      2. Janice Irene Powell (living) m. Sean Wells (living)
        1. Candice Wells (living)
    3. Raymond Park Powell (1922-1980) m. Sophie Zane (living?)
      1. Laura Elizabeth Powell (living) m. Peter Kemper (living)
        1. Lisa Kemper (living)
        2. Joanna Kemper (living)
      2. Stephen George Powell (living) m. Becky UNKNOWN (living)
        1. Nick Powell (living)
    4. Max West Powell (1884-1969) m. 1924 Gertrude Katherine Marie Bruning (1895-1975)
      1. Alma Elizabeth Powell (living?)m. Richard Bohn Yeager (living)
        1. Christopher Bohn Yeager (living) m. Samantha Lewis (living)
          1. Kristina Nicole Yeager (living)
      2. Marguerite West (“Peggy”) Powell (living?) m. Richard Heine (living?)
        1. Kathleen Elizabeth Heine (living) m. James Weeks (living)
          1. Teresa Carrie Weeks (living)
      3. Gertrude Bruning Powell (living?) m. Kenneth Johnson (living)
        1. Kevin Koehler Johnson (living) m. Michelle Marie Zenda (living)
        2. Karin Jeanne Johnson (living) m. John Byron Hogg (living)
          1. Tyler Michael Hogg (living)
          2. Brent Gabriel Hogg (living)
          3. Sierra Koehler Hogg (living)
        3. Mark Powell Johnson (living) m. Marcie D'Anne Roberts (living)
          1. Bradley Powell Johnson (living)
    5. Thomas Robert Powell (1886- 1969) m. Veva Hart (1890-1991)
      1. Philip Barkley Powell (living?) m. Phyllis Venter (living?)
        1. Linda Ann Powell (living)
        2. Sarah L. Powell (living)
        3. Rebecca M. Powell (living)
      2. Martha Emily Powell (1929-1992) m. Keith Trimble (living?)
        1. Philip Trimble (living)
        2. Catherine Trimble (living)
      3. Barbara Jean Powell (living?) m. John S. Hedges (living?)
        1. John Tom Hedges (living)
        2. Karen Denise Hedges (living)
      4. Thomas Robert Powell, Jr. (living?) m. Nada Barrick (living?)
        1. Robert William Powell (living)
        2. Thomas Mitchell Powell (living)
        3. Tammy L. Powell (living)
        4. Steven D. (“Steve”) Powell (living)
    6. James Richard Powell (1889-1902)