The Park Family Genealogies

The lineage of Moses Park (1738-1828) and Mary Hill (1749-1829)

The genealogy of Martha Amelia Park (1837-1897) m. 1856 William Kennedy Hoover (1828-1876)

The following outline shows the genealogy of Martha Amelia Park and William Kennedy Hoover. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Names with links to other genealogies are blue and are in small capitals. Click on any such name to view that person's genealogy. Names in green small capitals are linked to photographs; click on any such name to view the photograph.

Martha Amelia Park (1837-1897) m. 1856 William Kennedy Hoover (1828-1876)

  1. Eulalia Park Hoover (1858-1945) m. 1878 James Thomas Plummer (1851-1929)
  2. Charles Jerome Hoover (1859-????)
  3. Luther Elvin Hoover (1860-????) m. 1884 Lula Stevens (????-1897)
  4. William Theodric Hoover (1863-1950) m. Margarette Belzona Seahorn (1868-1945)
    1. Minnie L. Hoover (1885-????) m. __________ Cummings (????-????)
    2. Mattie A. D. Hoover (1888-1975) m. William E. Stone (1873-1939)
    3. Maud Ernestine Hoover (1889-1975)
    4. Freddie K. Hoover (1891-1894)
    5. Fleeta L. Hoover (1893-1977) m. __________ Storie (????-????)
    6. Martin L. Hoover (1895-1979) m. Fannie __________ (????-????)
    7. Lillie F. Hoover (1897-c.1900)
    8. William E. Hoover (1899-1963) m. Annie F. __________ (1900-????)
    9. Arthur M. Hoover (1901-????)
    10. Dora Gertrude Hoover (1903-1980) m. Lawrence Dewey Reynolds, Sr. (1899-1974)
      1. Edith Irene Reynolds (1921-1980) m. (1) 1937 Herman Eston Milburn (1915-1995)
        1. Benjamin Eston Milburn (1939-2009) m. (1) Margie Ann Day (living)
          1. Michael Eston Milburn (living) m. (1) Shelly Aileen Bryant (living)
            1. Matthew Eston Milburn (living) m. Jessica Russell (living)
            2. Chelsey Aileen Milburn (living) m. Devin Robinson (living)
              1. Finley Todd Robinson

            Michael m. (2) Shanna Danyel Wilson (living)
            1. Carson Quaid Milburn (living)

            Michael m. (3) Jerri Kious (living)
          2. Kyle Lane Milburn (1971-2012) m. Carrie Delane Hackendahl
            1. Austin Layne Milburn (living)
            2. Ashlynn Elizabeth Milburn (living)

          Benjamin Eston Milburn m. (2) Gloria Nerio
        2. Sandra Kaye Milburn (living) m. Harold Glen Ingram (living)
          1. Laura Ingram (living)
          2. Patti Ingram (living)
        3. Carolyn Gertrude Milburn (living) m. Olen Ernest O'Bryant (living)
          1. Ella Rhea O'Bryant (living) m. Ronald Michael Dyer (living)
            1. Joseph Janson Dyer (living)
            2. Andrew Peter Dyer (living)
          2. Glen Ray O'Bryant (living) m. Felicitas Corrales (living)
            1. Terry Wayne O'Bryant (living)
          3. Alen Dean O'Bryant (living) m (1) Cindy Sue [last name unknown]
          4. Alen m. (2) Donna Peters (living)

        Edith m. (2) Benjamin Franklin ("Chad") Chaddick
        Edith m. (3) __________ "Brad" Bradshaw
        Edith m. (4) Everett Glen Baker
      2. Lawrence Dewey Reynolds, Jr. (1924-1978) m. 1949 Clois Marie Smith (1931-1993)
        1. Larry Williams Reynolds (living) m. Elizabeth Ann Mercer (living)
          1. Crystal Ann Reynolds (living)
          2. Jerry Don Reynolds (living)
        2. Ronnie Earl Reynolds (living) m. (1) Ladonna Dean Holbrook (living)
          1. Mickey Len Reynolds (living)
          2. Randy Glen Reynols (living)
          Ronnie m. (2) Jana Huckstep (living)
          1. Diva Janene Reynolds (adopted by Ronnie; living)
        3. Debbie Marie Reynolds (living) m. Edward Michael House (living)
          1. Kelly Dawna House (living) m. (1) Michael James Taylor (1975-1994)
            1. Destinee Taylor (living)
            Kelly m. (2) Stephen Skelton (living)
            1. Treasure Lynn Skelton (living)
          2. Michael Gage House (living) m. Christy Lynn Underwood (living)
            1. Aaron Gage House (living)
            2. Allison Faith House (living)
          3. Justin Randall House (living) m.(1) Kristin Harvell
            1. Coltin Matthew House (living)
            2. Austin Haven House (living)
            Justin m. (2) Jennifer Weeks
      3. Burl Lanson Reynolds (living) m. Loretta Joyce Luckie (living)
        1. Patricia Lynn Reynolds (living)
        2. Sherrie Ruth Reynolds (living)
        3. Pamela Kay Reynolds (living)
        4. Leasa Jane Reynolds (living)
        5. Williams Zane Reynolds (living)
    11. Lenzy L. Hoover (1908-1987) m. 1929 Augusta Bell Wilson (1910-1987)
      1. JoAnn Hoover (living) m. James Telfred Moody (living)
        1. Linda Jeanne Moody (living) m. Leo Richard Payne (living)
          1. Michele Rene Payne (living) m. Daryl Edward Madsen (living)
            1. Shealyn Rae Madsen (living)
          2. David Glenn Payne m. Julie Davis (living)
            1. Dustin Glenn Payne (living)
            2. Tanner Allen Payne (living)
        2. Janice Moody (living) m. Samuel Milton Crane (living)
          1. Erin Mallory Crane (living)
        3. Kerri Annette Moody (living)
        4. James Telfred Moody, Jr. (1959-1973)
        5. Ronald Leonard Moody (living)
        6. Robert Lenzy Moody (living) m. Sherrie Barrett (living)
          1. Lenzy Leann Moody (living)
          2. Jodi Lynn Moody (living)
        7. Michael David Moody (living) m. Amy Elizabeth White (living)
          1. James Hunter Moody (living)
          2. Scott Michael Moody (living)
          3. Tyler Moody (living)
  5. Carolina Lee Hoover (1865-????) m. 1884 J. H. Smith (????-1936)
  6. Francis M. Hoover (1867-????)
  7. Jefferson Sidney Hoover (1869-bef. 1880)
  8. Dora Dent Hoover (1871-1950) m. 1886 Mylumn C. Gentry (1860-1941)
  9. Maud Ernestine Hoover (1872-????) m. Sam A. McDaniel (1858-????)
  10. Mattie Adella Hoover (1875-????) m. 1898 William Alexander Plummer (1874-1951)