The Park Family Genealogies

The descendants of Martha Almina (“Mattie”) Clements and Joseph Warren Cavender

The following outline shows the genealogy of Martha Almina (“Mattie”) Clements (1849-1882), the 9th child of Mary Wilson Hill Park m. 1833 Adam G. Clements, and Martha Almina's husband Joseph Warren Cavender. Further information is not available at this time. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Clicking on the top level will return you to the outline genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park and Isabella Barron Park.

Martha Almina (“Mattie”) Clements (1849-1882) m. ca. 1869 Joseph Warren Cavender (1845-1919)

  1. Mary Luella Cavender (1869-1870)
  2. Minerva Catherine (“Minnie”) Cavender (1872-1952) m. 1900 Wade Hampton Warrenfells (ca. 1867-1939)
    1. Joseph Melville Warrenfells (1905-1983) m. 1936 Margaret Rebecca Norton (1909-1991)
      1. George Hampton Warrenfells (living) m. 1960 Glenda Ford (living)
        1. Melville Glen Warrenfells (living)
        2. George Michael Warrenfells (1963-May 1989)
      2. Margaret Ann Warrenfells (living) m. 1961 Jack Hogan
        1. Joey Barrett Hogan (living)
        2. Andy Harlan Hogan (living)
      3. Melville Eugene Warrenfells (living) m. 1966 Helen Dee Shackleford (living)
        1. Ben Morton Warrenfells (living)
        2. Edward Hampton Warrenfells (living)
  3. Myrtis Eugenia Cavender (1874-1963) m. 1901 Lee Norman Shahan (1875-1915)
    1. Martha Clementine Shahan (1906-1993) m. 1928 Richard Llewellyn Chapman (1902-1959)
      1. Richard Llewellyn Chapman, Jr. (living) m. 1963 Sarah Merle Horton (living)
        1. Paul Llewellyn Chapman (1965-1974)
        2. Richard Lee Chapman (living) m. Brenda Caston (living)
        3. Laura Allen Chapman (living)
      2. Marion Eugenia Chapman (living) m. 1951 Charles P. Kollmansperger (living)
        1. Martha Jean Kollmansperger (living)
        2. Mary Katherine Kollmansperger (living)
        3. Deborah Lee Kollmansperger (living)
        4. Freda Elizabeth Kollmansperger (living)
        5. Charles P. Kollmansperger (living)
        6. Kevin Llewellyn Kollmansperger (living)
        7. Karen Louise Kollmansperger (living)
    2. Maxwell D. Shahan (1909-????) m. 1934 Evelyn Elizabeth Morgan (1912-????)
      1. Lee Morgan Shahan (living) m. 1966 Rebecca Anne Bowden (living)
        1. Lianne Michele Shahan (living) m. Phil Chafin (living)
          1. Sydney Rebecca Chafin (living)
        2. Lance Morgan Shahan (living)
      2. Larry Austin Shahan (living) m. Barbaretta Alexander (living)
        1. Larry Michael Shahan (living)
        2. David Randall Shahan (living) m. Leslie Suzanne Samples (living)
          1. Sierra Danielle Shahan (living)
          2. Jacob Alexander Shahan ( living)
      3. Judy Clementine Shahan (living) m. 1964 Charles Howard Blackstock (living)
        1. Stephen Brian Blackstock (living) m. Ann Jenkins (living)
          1. Nicholas Robert Blackstock (living)
          2. Alexander James Blackstock (living)
        2. Amy Rebecca Blackstock (living)
  4. Georgia Addie Cavender (1876-1972) m. 1903 Benjamin Wexler (“Ben”) Beck (1879-1926)
    1. Clementine Beck (ca. 1904-????)
    2. Janice Beck (ca. 1907-????)
    3. Adelaide Beck (ca. 1911-????) m. Harvey Chase
    4. Eugene Beck (ca. 1914-????)
  5. Clementine Almina (“Clemmie”) Cavender (24 Apr 1878-1974) m. Charles Hampton Magill (1878 -1918)
    1. Warren Cavender Magill (1911-1953) m. Inez Gail Brown (1912-1957)
    2. Lillian Rosalee Magill (b. 1915; living) m. 1939 Charles Jackson Barnette (????-????)
      1. Charles Jackson Barnette, Jr. (living)
      2. Robert Burton Barnette (living)
      3. Warren Magill Barnette (living)
    3. Mary Jane Magill) (1917-????) m. 1940 Robert Lee Jack(1912-????)
      1. Charlotte Lee Jack (living) m. 1968 Gary Donald Knipling (living)
        1. Kristen Lee Knipling (living)
      2. Mary Magill Jack (living) m. Charles Christopher Johnson
      3. Robert Clements Jack (living)
  6. Judson Cicero Cavender (1880-1945) m. 1905 Flora Velma Collins (1887-1973)
    1. Benjamin Warren Cavender (1906-1937) m. Elizabeth Knox Cropp
    2. Martha Eleanor Cavender (1908-????) m. Edgar Voncile Hightower, Sr. (????-????)
      1. Edgar Voncile Jr. (“Eddie”) Hightower (living) m. Mazie
        1. Toni Lynne Hightower. m. Clifton Ott
          1. Marley Elizabeth Ott
          2. Heeley Eleanor Ott
        2. Edgar Voncile (“Von”) III Hightower
      2. Judson Riley (“Buddy”) Hightower (living) m. (1) Jayne
        Judson married (2) Barbara Grief
        1. Caroline Cavender Hightower
    3. Joseph Judson (“Joe”) Cavender (1913-1994) m. Mary Wait
      1. Henry Neal Cavender
      2. Mary Martha (“Little Martha”) Cavender
    4. Robert Collins Cavender (1920-1999) m. 1945 Addie McClure
      1. Robert Collins Cavender, Jr. (living) m. Barbara Clay
        1. Benjamin (“Ben”) Cavender (living) n 1999 Carren Cloud (living)
          1. Addison (“Addie”) Catherine Cavender
          2. Andrew Cloud Cavender
        2. Joseph (“Joe”) Cavender (living) m. 2003 Karis Temple (living)
  7. Joseph Warren W. Cavender (1882-1882)