The Park Family Genealogies

The descendants of John Adam Clements and Louisa Jackson Suttle

The following outline shows the genealogy of John Adam Clements (1837-1919), the 2nd child of Mary Wilson Hill Park m. 1833 Adam G. Clements, and John's wife, Louisa Jackson ("Lou") Suttle (1845-1914). Further information is not available at this time. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Clicking on the top level will return you to the outline genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park and Isabella Barron Park.

John Adam Clements (1844-1908) m. 1874 Louisa Jackson ("Lou") Suttle (1845-1914)

  1. Nancy Byars "Nannie" Clements (1876-1946) m. 1902 Frank Mercer Shaw (1875-1953)
    1. Mary Louise Shaw (c.1905-????)
    2. Frank Clements Shaw (1906-1976) m. 1928 Myrtice Coats Dunaway (1905-1948)
      1. Frank Clements Shaw, Jr. (living)
    3. Martha Camp Shaw (1908-1989) m. 1930 Jesse Andrew Abney (1904-1971)
      1. William Shaw (“Billy”) Abney (1934-2002) m. 1961 Ann Elenora Walker (living)
        1. Shaw Walker Abney (living) m.1996 Mary Louise Burrows (living)
        2. Anna Louise Abney (living) m. 2000 Emanuele Bartolini
  2. Jane May ("Jennie") Clements (1877-1954) m. 1900 George William Little (1866-1956)
    1. Ann Lucile ("Lucy") Little (1902-1986) m. 1924 Neal Morgan (1896-1968)
    2. Georgia May Little (1904-????) m. 1931 Arthur Neal Owens (1900-1985)
      1. Laura Jane Owens (living) m. 1960 George Lewis (living)
        1. Loraine Neal Lewis
      2. Alice Lucile Owens (living) m. (1) 1962 John Pryor (living)
        1. Laurie Allyn Pryor (living)
        2. Katie Stevens Pryor (living)

        Alice m. (2) James Burleson (living)
        1. Emily Burleson (living)
      3. Alice Clements Owens (living) m. 1965 Lee McKay Johnson
      4. Arthur Neal Jr. Owens (living) m. (1) 1972 Dana Bramblette
        Arthur m. (2) Bebe Bass
        Arthur m. (3) 1985 Patti Williamson
    3. Margaret Rosalie Little (1913-1915)
    4. Samuel Clements Little (1915-1977) m. 1941 Anna Hilbish Miller
    5. Mary Ann Little (living) m. 1965 Charles Albert Hales
      1. Samuel Edward Hales (living) m. 1991 Anne M. Dickinson
      2. Christopher Allen Hales (living) m. 1994 Michelle L. Racicot
      3. John Stephen Hales (living)
  3. Martha Louise ("Mattie Lou") Clements (1879-1970)
  4. Rosa Lee Clements (1880-188)