Park / Barron genealogies

The descendants of Adolphus Charles Clements and Nancy E. Phillips

The following outline shows the genealogy of Adolphus Charles Clements (1837-1919), the 2nd child of Mary Wilson Hill Park and Adam G. Clements, and Adolphus's wife, Nancy E. (“Nannie”) Phillips (1841-1921). Further information is not available at this time. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Clicking on the top level will return you to the outline genealogy of Lunsford Yandell Park and Isabella Barron Park.

Adolphus Charles Clements (1839-1912) m. 1870 Nancy E. (“Nannie”) Phillips (1841-1921)

  1. Mary May Clements (1870-1962)
  2. Ella C. Clements (1876-????) m. 1910 James Warner Swiney (1869-1921)
    1. Ella Mae Swiney (1911-????) m. Alton Davis O'Neal
    2. Julia Elvira Swiney (1913-????) m. Joseph Blaine Hosmer (1890-1972)
    3. Clements Adolphus Swiney (1915-????) m. Geneva Oglesby
    4. Ruth Vivian Swiney (1917-????) m. Dewey Asbury Snow (1902-1988)
    5. Carl Steele Swiney (1919-1920)
  3. Ruby Clements (1878-1878)
  4. Charles Clements (1880-1967) m. 1925 Mary Etheldred Clement (1893-1978)
    1. Charles Clements (living) m. 1953 Martha Greer (living)
      1. Patrick Robert Clements (living) m. 1980 Donna Oliver (living)
        1. Taylor Lauren Clements (living)
        2. Bailey Payne Clements (living)
        3. Patrick Edward Clements (living)
      2. Charles Clements, III (living)
      3. Emily Elizabeth Clements (living) m. 1991 Homer Robert (“Bobby”) Hannah (living)
        1. Lindsey Elizabeth Hannah (living)
        2. Abigail Greer Hannah (living)
    2. James Adophus Clements (living) m. 1955 Juanita Elizabeth Dyer (1930-1992)
      1. Catherine Faye Clements (living) m. 1993 Jimmy Bowden, Jr. (living)
      2. Donna June Clements (living) m. 1888 Craig Crossfield (living)
        1. Colby Craig Crossfield (living)
    3. May Nanella Clements (living) m. (1) 1953 Orville Gatenby Mann (1924-1994)
      1. Deborah Ann Mann (living) m. 1983 David Allen Jones, Jr. (living)
        1. Jeremy Edward Jones (living)
        2. Jessica May Jones (living)
      2. Terry Stephen Mann (living)
      May m. (2) Thomas Mark Juanico (living)
    4. Judson Claude Clements (living) m. 1964 Susan Anne Allen (living)
      1. Adam Judson Clements (living)
      2. Rachel Ellen Clements (living)
      3. Abigail Lynn Clements (living)
  5. Claudius (“Claud”) Clements (1882-1967) m. Frances (“Fannie”) Reed (1884-1931)
    1. Ruby Clements (1905-1946) m. 1923 Allen Chatman (“Chat”) Eavers (1903-1971)
      1. Frances Eavers (????-1981) m. (1) Arthur E. (“Blackie”) Gaylor (living)
        1. Arthur E. Gaylor, Jr. (1951-2010) m. Linda Faye Hale (living)
          1. Jay E. Gaylor (living) m. Jennifer Marie Schuder (living)
            1. Nathan Edward Gaylor (living)
        2. Patricia Gaylor m. David Willard, Sr. (living)
          1. David “Little David” Willard, Jr. (living)
          2. Brian Willard (living)
          3. Annette Willard (living)
        3. Sonya Gaylor m. Larry Frazier (living)
          1. Larry A. “Little Larry” Frazier (living)
        Frances m. (2) [Unknown] Smith
      2. Betty Jean Eavers (1928-2003) m. (1) [Unknown] Teems
        Betty m. (2) [Unknown] Scoggins
      3. Claudette Eavers (living?) m. [Unknown] Hackett
    2. Claudius Archibald Clements (1908-1968)
    3. Russell Adolphus Clements (1911-1974)
    4. Harold Clements (1913-1989) m. (1) Julia Frances Dunwoody
      1. Nancy Lee Clements (living m. [Unknown] Purvis (living)
      2. Claudius Reed Clements (living)
      3. Rozanne Clements (living) m. [Unknown] Abney (living)
      4. Lucy Dean Clements (living) m. [Unknown] Bandy (living)
      Harold m. (2) Ruth Eleanor Lowd (1905-1997)
    5. Charles Reed Clements (1917-1978) m. Cora [Unknown]
      1. Harry Vincent Clements (living)
      2. Linda Clements (living) m. [Unknown] Carter (living)
      3. Dianne Clements (living) m. [Unknown] Perry (living)
      4. Diana Clements (living) m. [Unknown] Moulton (living)
      5. Connie Clements (living) m. [Unknown] Versteeg (living)
  6. Nancy (“Nannie") Clements (1884-1966) m. 1906 William Alexander Price (1873-1915)
    1. Merryll Price (1912-????)
    2. infant Price (1913-1913)